Info Day: University College of Technology Sarawak

With a green learning environment, state-of-the-art facilities and an emphasis on Science and Technology, University College of Technology Sarawak is an exceptional choice for students planning to pursue these fields.

Photo: University College of Technology Sarawak

The University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) is organising an Info Day this 19-21 April from 10am-10pm at the Plaza Merdeka Kuching, where parents and potential students can speak with university representatives about what this institution can offer.

With an emphasis on Science and Technology, UCTS aims to be a global technological university founded on these concepts. With a number of courses focusing on Engineering and Technology, Computing, Business and Management, and Built Environment offered, the university intends to shape graduates who can contribute to the betterment of the country’s future. 

UCTS also offers two foundation programmes – Foundation in Arts and Foundation in Science. The Foundation in Arts programme will lead students to bachelor’s degree programmes in the fields of Business, Accountancy, Information Technology, Architecture, Communications, Languages and any non-Science or Engineering fields. On the other hand, the Foundation in Science programme will take students on the pathway of Science and Engineering Technology. There are also both coursework (taught) and research postgraduate programmes available.

Photo: University College of Technology Sarawak

The university is located is located in Sibu, Sarawak and boasts a stunning futuristically designed campus surrounded by natural beauty. With its green learning environment and state-of-the-art facilities, UCTS stands out as one of the most beautiful in the country. The campus incorporates green architectural concepts to minimise negative environmental impacts while still maintaining a comfortable, user-friendly teaching and learning experience for staff and students.

Students are well taken care of with a comprehensive list of facilities that include a three-storey library and a number of laboratories and classrooms tailored to specific courses like the Hydraulic Labs, Environmental and Waste Water Labs, and Food Processing and Analysis Labs. 

UCTS is also planning to establish a Technology and Science Park, making it one of the very few universities in Malaysia to have its own. With a vision and commitment in the development and production of technical human resources for the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE), UCTS aims for the new Technology Park to be the premier destination for both the local and foreign individuals aspiring to achieve excellence through research and development initiatives in areas such as Transportation & Logistics, Food Technology, Materials, Bio-Technology, ICT, Automation, Green Technology and Agriculture Technology

For its innovative campus design and facilities, UCTS became the first university in Malaysia to achieve a “Platinum Index” rating in the Green Building Index (GBI), Malaysia’s green rating tool for buildings and towns in an effort to promote sustainability in the built-environment as well as raise awareness of environmental issues.

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