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Ranked 59th in the world according to the QS World University Rankings, Monash University Malaysia is a regional academic powerhouse with a wide range of courses and study options guaranteed to set students up for success.

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Deciding on what course to pursue at university after secondary school and / or college can be daunting. There are so many factors to consider, from cost and where to go to the viability of the chosen degree and how it will prepare students for the future. Malaysia is fast becoming a regional education hub with prominent foreign universities choosing to set up their overseas campuses here. 

Monash University Malaysia is the third largest campus of Monash University – an Australian institution consistently ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the world by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The Malaysian campus is located within the Sunway City township, which has everything a student needs from dining options to accommodation and shopping. 

Photo: Monash University Malaysia

What do you want to study at university? This is a question constantly asked by parents, schools and students themselves. Decisions are made based on academic results, personal preferences and the level of education and support a university offers. Rankings aside, Monash University Malaysia’s strengths lie in its Malaysian and Australian accreditation, variety of courses available and unparalleled teaching standards. 

Undergraduate degrees are designed for students to study wide or study deep with the choice of broad, specialised or double degrees. Postgraduate and research options are also widely available with the Schools of Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, Information technology, Medicine and health sciences, Psychology, Pharmacy, and Science. 

Photo: Monash University Malaysia

You can read all about a school and ask many questions, but the best way to discover more is by visiting the campus. Application Day will be held at Monash University Malaysia on 29 June from 11am-4pm and will be the ideal opportunity for students to see first-hand what a top-ranking university can offer. There will be campus tours, course counselling for both Australia and Malaysia and a talk on course / campus transfers to Australia. Visit and see for yourself what your academic future could look like. 

Jalan Lagoon Selatan
Bandar Sunway 
Tel: 03 - 5514 6000 

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