The Oxford International College-Westlake Scholarship Award

Westlake International School students have a great opportunity to attend the top ranked A level college in the UK on a scholarship.

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Westlake International School (WIS) is an affordable British curriculum school with purpose-built boarding facilities located in Kampar, Perak. The self-contained 20-acre campus opened its doors eight years ago and has an outstanding proven IGCSE track record including having three students receiving awards for Top In the World  in Mathematics. The school believes that every child is unique and with the BEST (Boarding, Education, Sports and Talent) experience they can achieve their full potential.

Over the years WIS has developed a wide range of programmes and partnerships offering support and enabling students to gain entry to top universities around the world. One of these partnerships is between Westlake International School and Oxford International College (OIC). WIS has collaborated with OIC for a variety of programmes like IGCSE revision workshops and STEM projects. 

As a result of this, OIC has awarded WIS with the Oxford International College – Westlake Scholarship Award. This award is open to any WIS student upon completion of Year 11 and the IGCSE exams, and offers two deserving recipients the opportunity to further their studies at the prestigious Oxford International College, the top ranked A level college in the UK. This scholarship offers a pathway to not only finishing the last two years of secondary school abroad but also enhances top tier university prospects. 

It is important to note that this scholarship is aimed at students who posses a positive attitude and a willingness to achieve their academic goals. Westlake International School is committed to offering the best programmes, support and guidance to ensure students rise to the challenge. 
High Achievers Programme
Westlake International School has created this preparatory programme, which begins in Year 7, to support and prepare students for the scholarship and eventually university admission. The programme is designed around the AESE (Academic, Extra Curricular, Super Curricular and Enrichment) model with the aim of ensuring students achieve outstanding academic results and a balanced portfolio reflecting personal interests and accomplishments. 

Each of the AESE components comprises specific goals and activities including: 

Academic: Preparing for IGCSE qualifications
Extra-curricular: Duke of Edinburgh (bronze) award
Super curricular: Work Experience, Cambridge science competition, Commonwealth essay competition, Math Olympiad
Enrichment: TedTalks, Youth Environmental Summit, Asian Student Leadership Conference, Asia Math Engineering Challenge

By participating in these activities and focusing on academic excellence, WIS students are well on their way to gaining entrance to the top 50 universities in the world. 

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