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What makes a good school? We think the question that needs to be asked first is, “What makes a good student?”

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Since its founding over 60 years ago, Tenby Schools has grown into seven campuses around Malaysia, offering both the International and Private National curriculum. More importantly, over the years Tenby Schools has developed a culture where students have the space to explore their potential and be the best they can be. 

However, today we live in an age of unprecedented challenges and opportunities amidst rapid change. Changing education trends reflect schools’ attempts to provide students with the knowledge, skills and adaptability necessary to be 21st century citizens. But while new methods and tools are good, for effective learning to happen one must go deeper. 

Tenby Schools takes a different perspective. From its years of experience, Tenby understands that at its core, education is founded on the relationship between teachers, students and parents. As such, the school is focused on supporting parents’ efforts to mould their child’s character, because it knows excellence in character will result in excellence in everything the child attempts. 

This is why Tenby Schools is proud to be part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), as its values are very much aligned with the group’s approach to learning. Learning is about getting better – academically, socially, emotionally and more – and is the result of repeated experiences that hardwire getting better through good struggle. ISP schools apply this philosophy with methods that combine evidence-based brain research and global educational experience honed across the group’s 40-strong network of international schools.

As such, everything at Tenby Schools is driven by the aim of optimising learning outcomes. Teachers observe the children closely inside and outside the classroom, while facilitating learning opportunities by challenging them on a personal and individual basis. The goal is for the children to have Amazing Learning moments, when they reach a level beyond what they thought possible and can say, “I didn’t realise I could do that until now!”

For Tenby, that’s what makes a good student – the self-motivated desire to see how far they can go. It’s the confidence that comes from realising that their achievements are a result of perseverance. It’s the pride in knowing that they have become better versions of themselves. It’s the hope in knowing that they can always be better.

Tenby children can attain all this when they experience a school that empowers them to. For Tenby Schools, that is what makes a good school and that is what it is committed to be.

To find out more and secure your child’s place with the Tenby Schools family, please visit: schools.tenby.edu.my.

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