Inform, guide & support - achieving exam and university goals

How an international school offers valuable benefits when preparing for exams and university applications.

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Planning for post-secondary education can be a stressful time for students normally. Factor in a global pandemic and school closure, and stress levels have been elevated to say the least. Between researching, working on their applications and managing full schedules, it can all be quite daunting. Having a resource that is solely dedicated to helping students reach their post-secondary goals can be a huge relief and a much-needed source of guidance. 

The Alice Smith School’s Higher Education (HE) Programme helps guide students towards their future aspirations and works hard in helping them find a university that is the ‘right fit’. The HE Programme is embedded directly into the curriculum for all our Secondary and Sixth Form students and is based on the ethos of Inform, Guide & Support.

The HE Programme begins with supporting students in their A Level choices by providing the information needed to make the best decision. The HE Counselling team does this by speaking to the student about their goals and aspirations, then guiding them through the steps to get there. The Programme allows the school to identify students’ ambitions, strengths and concerns early on and ensures all necessary support is given. Having a dedicated team guarantees that students are able to meet with staff whenever they need, throughout the application process, depending on the complexity of their chosen application or the personal counselling they require to guide them through. 

The Alice Smith programme also connects students with alumni, who provide them with guidance based on their own experiences in post-secondary education and beyond.  Joe Marshall, Head of the Higher Education Programme, noted that career pathways are not as linear as they once were, and having that message come from people who have been in our students’ shoes is priceless.

According to Marshall, “Our HE Programme not only provides students with the guidance they need to earn the necessary requirements and complete complex application processes, it is also a source of support, be that academically or emotionally. We help students recognise the need to follow where their strengths lie whether that be in course selection, university destinations or future aspirations.” 

The Higher Education Programme is a great success, and this is easily identified with 84% of students gaining entry to their first-choice institutions from Ivy League colleges in the US to Russell Group universities in the UK or other world class academic destinations. 

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