IB Diploma Programme at Nexus International School Malaysia

Choosing a suitable pre-university course to meet a child’s academic needs can be a daunting task. Consider the IB, which is a highly sought-after qualification accepted by top universities around the world.

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The IB Diploma Programme is a leading pre-university programme for students aged 16-19 The curriculum is made up of the Diploma Programme (DP) core and six subjects from a range of curriculum areas such as Languages, Humanities, the Arts, Science and Mathematics.  From the six subjects, students will choose three main subjects to study at Higher Level and three subsidiary subjects to study at Standard Level. This enables students to maintain a broad curriculum but also give a degree of specialisation.  Students can choose two science or two humanities subjects, for example, if this relates to their interests and career intentions.

The DP core has three elements and aims to broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills. The three core elements are:

  1. Theory of Knowledge: a critical thinking course in which students reflect on the nature of knowledge and how we know what we claim to know
  2. The Extended Essay:  an independent, self-directed piece of research which develops the skills necessary for university study
  3. Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS): a programme focused on personal development and wider skills

Through this programme, students maintain a breadth of learning but also develop in depth knowledge of their chosen subjects. In addition, the IBDP nurtures students to be independent thinkers, have self-management and workplace skills, an open mind, and a global outlook.

Photo: Nexus International School Malaysia

What does Nexus offer in IBDP?
Nexus International School Malaysia offers the IBDP in Years 12 and 13.  The excellent facilities as well as experienced IB teachers have led to a consistent record of success in the programme. In 2019 almost a quarter of the Nexus IB students achieved over 40 points, one student who achieved the full 45 points. The average of 35 was significantly higher than the global score of 30 points, as it has been for the past 5 years. 

Significant support is offered for university applications. A total of 113 universities from 13 countries visited the school in the last academic year to help inform students about what they offer. Nexus IB graduates have continued their studies in renowned universities such as the University of Oxford, University College London, University of British Columbia, Nanyang Technological University, Duke University, University of Melbourne, London School of Economics and many more.

Photo: Nexus International School Malaysia

For more information about the IB Diploma Programme, contact the Admissions Team at admissions@nexus.edu.my.

No. 1 Jalan Diplomatik 3/6, Presint 15
Tel.: 03 8889 3868

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