7 Reasons Why Students Should Sign Up For ALY Camp

The highly regarded Asia Leadership Youth Camp will be held this year from 1-5 July and is the ideal platform for students aged 15-19 to prepare academically, socially and emotionally for the final years of school.

Photo: Sunway International School

This year’s Asia Leadership Youth Camp will be held from 1-5 July at Sunway International School (Sunway City campus) and is aimed at students aged 15-19 (diploma / pre-university level). The popular residential camp is led and facilitated by Teaching Fellows from leading universities including Harvard University.

Here are some definitive reasons why students should sign up for this camp:

Learn how to overcome challenges by assessing choices made
Look back and reflect on choices that have been made in the past and how those choices have led to where students are now. Those choices might be related to challenges that are currently being faced, and students can gain insight into different approaches on how to overcome challenges.

Photo: Sunway International School

Create plans to carve out academic and career paths
Develop a plan to enter programmes of choice in desired academic institutions, work towards the career choice and excel in it. The ALY Camp will equip students with the right attitude, knowledge and skill-sets to achieve success.

Learn from facilitators from Harvard University and other world-acclaimed universities
This camp offers students the fantastic opportunity to be taught by Harvard fellows who are well-equipped to impart their knowledge and experience. Utilising Harvard’s revolutionary talent-training schemes, participants will be taught to initiate personal and community change by taking the initiative, thinking creatively and making decisions with a global perspective in mind.

Photo: Sunway International School

Participate in life-changing leadership and innovation workshops
Innovative topics like Adaptive Leadership, Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation and Building a Powerful Personal Brand are trending now. Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation is the latest problem-solving approach promoted by Harvard and is being used in countries like Colombia to prevent recruitment of youth into illegal activities, and in Nigeria to improve the representation of women in governance. Camp participants will be among the first to learn about these 21st century leadership skills for the future work force.

Fun activities
Engage in fun, evening activities revolving around sports, outdoor leadership and community service. These activities are designed so that participants practise what they learn in a fun way within the framework of a well-synergised team.

Photo: Sunway International School

Personal career mentoring sessions with experienced Harvard Fellows
Many young people feel unsure of what to do or what course to pursue after graduating from school or college. Experienced Harvard Fellows will guide students and offer genuine advice on how to navigate through the many possibilities. Students will benefit from their personal and professional experiences and they share their knowledge and ideas.

Networking opportunities
High-achieving students from various nationalities congregate for five days in this residential camp - ready to interact, share their experiences and learn from each other. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people from a variety of cultures and academic backgrounds.

Head here for more information on the Asia Leadership Youth Camp and details on how to sign up.

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