7 Advantages of the Canadian Curriculum at Sunway International School

While the majority of international schools in Malaysia follow the British curriculum, there are other types of educational programmes that offer many advantages and could be more suitable for your child.

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Sunway International School (SIS) is the only school to offer the Canadian curriculum in Malaysia. While most international schools follow the British or American syllabuses, SIS has enjoyed great success and is the only school in Malaysia that has been licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education to grant credits leading to the Ontario School Diploma. This certification is highly regarded globally and is recognised by top universities worldwide. As a parent, choosing the correct school and curriculum is a decision that must be made with care as it influences the outcome of your child’s academic career. 

Here are seven advantages of the Canadian curriculum at Sunway International School.

PISA ranking 
The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) – a global study conducted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to evaluate the quality, equity and efficiency of school systems – has consistently ranked Canada higher than other English-speaking countries like the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. This shows that the Canadian school system is recognised as one of the highest in the world.  

Photo: Sunway International School

Fully certified teachers
Students at SIS are taught by the school’s qualified teachers, a vast majority of whom are also licensed by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), a professional body that governs and regulates the Ontario teaching profession. Members of the OCT have to graduate with two bachelor’s degrees – one of which must be in education – and are trained by Canadian universities to be an effective teacher. They also undergo regular continuous professional development to keep their licence valid. 

Only school in Malaysia licensed by the Ministry of Education (Ontario) 
SIS Sunway City is the only school in Malaysia licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education to grant credits leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, one of the most highly-recognisable secondary school qualifications in the world. As a licensed school, the syllabus at SIS is exactly the same as the schools in Ontario, Canada, and the school undergoes an annual inspection by the Ontario Ministry of Education to ensure quality of delivery and assessment. 

Semester-based programmes
The curriculum at SIS is taught through semester-based programmes, which helps students to seamlessly transition into the similarly semester-based tertiary education. At SIS, students are taught and focus on four subjects per semester, which allows for longer contact hours between student and teacher in class, and teachers are also able to delve deeper into each topic.    

Community service
SIS places a high value on instilling in its students a healthy respect for others and being a responsible, caring individual who gives back to society. Students are encouraged to get involved with and contribute their time and effort in an NPO. Community service is also a big part of the Canadian teaching programme. As part of the Ontario syllabus, students are required to complete 40 hours of community service from Grades 9 to 12. 

Photo: Sunway International School

Character building
A core priority of SIS is to develop holistic well-rounded individuals, and the school does this by incorporating into school life the development of key qualities known as the 6Cs – Character Education, Citizenship, Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity. The purpose of the 6Cs is the well-being of the whole student and their ability to apply what they have learnt. The integration of these qualities at SIS sees students growing into true leaders of tomorrow. 

Every student is unique, and not everyone learns or expresses what they have learnt in the same way. This is the reason the Ontario curriculum focuses on a student’s continuous development, assessing and evaluating a student’s progress based on coursework throughout the semester rather than a standardised final exam. At SIS, assessments are ongoing, varied in nature and administered over a period of time, allowing students various opportunities to demonstrate what they have learnt. 

To find out more about the Canadian curriculum and Sunway International School and its offerings, visit during the school’s Open Day this 20 April, 10am-3pm at both the Sunway City and Sunway Iskandar campuses. For more information, check out the school’s website or call 03-7491 8070 / 07-533 8070.

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