Westlake International School - Primary

Level of Education
Primary Secondary Pre University/Certificate



Westlake International School (WIS) is a purpose built school with an on-campus boarding facilities located in Kampar, Perak. WIS delivers world recognized Cambridge curriculum leading to the IGCSE and A Level for students aged 4 to 18. WIS was formed as an independent yet interdependent entity within the education eco-system.  Westlake International School focuses on transforming minds and changing lives in the pursuit of excellence as a responsive, relational and reflective school. We strive to bring a conducive environment that will promote the intellectual growth, emotional stability, social adaptability and healthy living habits. 


Key Stage 1: Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2
Key Stage One focuses in providing the students with rich and authentic learning experience through a rigorous curriculum. It is an approach that allows the students to be actively engaged in learning while developing fundamental personal-social skills and environmental awareness. Key Stage One sets the foundation of the critical learning skills that will ensure students success in the upper primary years.

Key Stage 2: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6
Learning in Key Stage Two expands with subjects that allow students to try out their ideas and learn by experience. There is a consistent focus in classroom on sharing ideas, communicating confidently and collaborating in teams. Students are provided with a range of active, challenging and engaging learning opportunities that allow them to develop the core traits of a Cambridge learner.

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Year Established

Ms May King

School Year
Early Years - Year 6

5-11 years old

Average class size


Boarding Fees
Full Boarding RM6,200 per term
Weekly Boarding RM5,000 per term


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