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Virtual Open Day – French School of Kuala Lumpur

A fantastic opportunity for young learners to pursue a multilingual education within a multicultural setting.

Hevea – LFKL’s Bilingual Primary School

The new primary school extension of the LFKL is now open and welcoming children aged three to eight.

International Primary Curriculum

Thematic units form the basis of this popular primary years curriculum taught in many international schools globally.

The Breakthrough Moment In Learning

Instead of being spoon fed answers, allowing students to embrace the good struggle gives them the opportunity to experience true breakthroughs.

Self-Directed Learning is Key to Future Success

Preparing students for future success through creative thinking, critical reasoning and effective communication.

Do Examinations Only Grade Intelligence And Not Soft Skills?

A students life is punctuated with tests and exams, which are meant to measure their knowledge and keep them motivated and conscientious. But what about important soft skills?