Hevea – LFKL’s Bilingual Primary School

The new primary school extension of the LFKL is now open and welcoming children aged three to eight.

Photo: Hevea, LFKL

The French School of Kuala Lumpur (Lycée Français Kuala Lumpur) recently opened Hevea – the new primary school located next to the main buildings of the school. This extension has been designed solely with the comfort and educational development of young learners in mind and can accommodate 400 children aged three to ten in a safe and spacious environment. Classes begin at pre-nursery (Très Petite Section) until CE 2 (cours élémentaire), the equivalent of Year 4 in primary school. 

The key advantage of the Hevea primary school is the multi-lingual academic programme which sees students learn both French and English. Lessons are taught by French primary school teachers attached to the Ministry of National Education and native-speaking English teachers. For pre-school students aged two to three, an early English learning programme is taught to ensure a solid foundation in the language. Learning more than one language at an early age is easier and being bilingual has many benefits from enhancing academic performance to having an appreciation for other cultures. 

Facilities at Hevea include language laboratories, spacious and bright classrooms, a swimming pool specially adapted for toddlers, activity rooms for PE, napping rooms for the younger children, library, playground and a spacious canteen. 

Another advantage of this school is the affiliation of LFKL to the AEFE, the agency for French education abroad, which is a public agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has 500 schools around the world. All these schools follow the same national curriculum and eventually leads to the French national qualifications (Baccalaureate and DNB) at the end of secondary school. 

It is important to note that the school welcomes non-French speaking students aged three to 10 and offers an adapted curriculum specially designed for international students. 

The best way to find out more is to make an appointment for a school tour and see first-hand what the school has to offer. Take the opportunity to speak to the director of the primary school, ask questions about the bilingual curriculum and check out the new facilities. 

For more information visit www.lfkl.edu.my or call +603 6250 4415

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