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It all began when Aunty Nan, the founder of The children’s house, was introduced to the Montessori Philosophy and education during a dire need for change in an unfulfilling career in the corporate world. Montessori not only changed the life of Aunty Nan but made a positive difference in the early childhood education landscape in Malaysia.

Tucked away in a quiet, leafy part of Damansara Heights, the first The children’s house preschool in Malaysia opened its doors in 1986. Aunty Nan and her small team made up of a young enthusiastic trainee teacher, an administrator, the family cook, and her 4-year-old son welcomed five children from Malaysia, France, Sweden, Denmark, and England. Through the years, The children’s house grew alongside more than 20,000 local and expatriate children from all around the world.

As the first preschool in Malaysia to apply the complete and comprehensive Montessori Method of education, The children’s house is one of the undisputed leaders for early childhood education in the country. More than 30 years of proven record and success stories. The children’s house has gained the trust and recognition of many Malaysian and expatriate parents and is often regarded The Montessori preschool to nurture children into compassionate and well-balanced individuals who are confident, independent, socially adaptable, and above all, positive and lifelong learners.

In 2010, The children’s house proudly became a member of the Busy Bees Asia group of education companies, fully dedicated to outstanding care and quality education for children.

Today, in our iconic red and white schoolhouses in twelve locations in Klang Valley, the teaching continues in adherence to the approach created by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Conveniently located in a strategic part of Bangsar Baru is this beautiful bungalow with two spacious gardens. Children love to play with the small fountains and playground equipment in the front garden and the climbing wall at the back garden is a special adventure for outdoor play.

Nestled between tall trees, the preschool is specially designed with the interest of your child in mind. Considering the environment as an important element for the child’s growth and development, the classrooms in our preschool are carefully planned to avoid overcrowding. Everything has been scaled down to be child-sized, and furthermore we have ensured that all the materials are child-friendly.

Each programme is Montessori-focused, preparing the child for the next level. The low teacher-child ratio ensures optimal learning. At the centre of every activity is respect; this means there is respect for the teacher, there’s respect for each other and respect for the materials being used.

The close-knit community at Bangsar means that everyone is a part of a bigger family. The teachers and parents are closely involved in the growth and development of the child and the environment at the kindergarten naturally promote social skills and language skills of the child. The child has the freedom to move and socialise in a non-competitive and nurturing environment.

Year Established


Admission & Fees

Half-Day Programme (9am-12pm/12.30pm/1pm)
From RM6,480per term

Extended Hours Programme (9am-3pm)
From RM8,160-RM8,800 per term

*1 term = 4 months


Programmes offered at TCH Bangsar:
Montessori Playgroup
8 months to 2.5 years

Montessori Junior
2.6 to 6 years

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