White Lodge Bangsar South Nursery & Childcare

Level of Education

High Scope Howard Gardner Reggio Emilia


Located in the iconic Bangsar South, just 800 metres from LRT University Station, is the White Lodge Bangsar South.

White Lodge offers a range of learning amenities for children aged 18 months to six-and-a-half-years old and encourages children to explore and learn creatively at their own pace. Providing flexible two-, three- or five-day programmes, the preschool and child care centre provides flexible options for parents to suit their needs.

This centre has an indoor gym to promote physical fitness for every pupil. Our play areas facilitate language development as well as mathematical and scientific awareness skills. There is also an indoor sand pit which provides children the opportunities to practice cooperative play and sharing, as well as heightening their sensory experiences.

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Year Established

Yvonne Khong

School Year
January to December

18 months to 6, 5 years old

Average class size
Dependant on age group


Admission & Fees

RM350 enrolment fees, course fee starts at RM3420 a term but is dependant on number of days ( full vs half) attended per week.

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