Odyssey, The Global Preschool

Level of Education

Reggio Emilia


Having gained international acclaim for its unique and effective approach to early childhood education, the Reggio Emilia method focuses on an open-ended child-centric learning process. This philosophy promotes a culture of observation and documentation, and makes use of the learning environment as an important teaching element.  

Odyssey, The Global Preschool started in 2001, when the team began exploring, researching and experimenting with the Reggio Emilia approach, constantly following up and creating an educational approach that focuses on a child’s holistic development. Odyssey is not just a preschool; it also serves as a learning observation centre with carefully crafted childhood education programmes that showcase best international practices and educational principles and strategies that enhance a child’s physical and mental development.

The innovative award-winning curriculum at Odyssey practising the latest developments in early childhood education helps to form creative and critical thinkers, risk takers and active communicators through problem-based learning – skills necessary to navigate the world. With a spacious purpose-built campus that encompasses outdoor learning centres and various facilities as well as highly-trained educators and specialist teachers that help facilitate the learning experience, Odyssey provides a learning environment that encourages exploration and hands-on learning at their own pace across multiple disciplines.       

Odyssey offers an Early Years Programme for toddlers from 18-30 months (Tots), 2.5-3 years (Pre-Nursery) and 2.5-3 years (Nursery 1); and Preschool programmes for children aged 3-4 years (Nursery 2), 4-5 years (Kindy Year 1) and 5-6 years (Kindy Year 2).  

Year Established


Admission & Fees

From RM5,250 - RM 6,900 per term
*1 term = 3 months

Early Years Programme

18-30 months

2.5-3 years

Nursery 1
2.5-3 years 

Preschool Programmes
Nursery 2

3-4 years

Kindy Year 1
4-5 years

Kindy Year 2
5-6 years

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