The Importance Of Preschool

Attending preschool is a child's first step in their scholastic journey and parents must choose carefully. A good preschool can make all the difference and pave the way to a successful entry into primary school.

Photo: Odyssey, The Global Preschool

A question that is often asked is, “Should I send my child to a preschool?”. As a child becomes more independent and socially inclined, attending preschool has many benefits including encouraging independence, learning the basics in preparation for primary school, and making new friends. Today, it is the norm for a child to go to preschool for two or three years before primary school and depending on which curriculum you intend to follow, this could mean starting from the age of two. 

Once you have decided to send your child to preschool, the next inevitable question is which one and what curriculum should you choose. At this age, a child needs to be in a safe and fun environment with specialist educators who encourage learning in a coherent and enjoyable way. There are several renowned preschool methodologies, and one of the most popular is the Reggio Emilia approach. 

This esteemed educational philosophy was developed by an Italian psychologist after WWII with the aim of developing a preschool programme focused on self-expression, problem solving, communication and logical thinking. 

Photo: Odyssey, The Global Preschool

Odyssey, The Global Preschool 
Odyssey, The Global Preschool follows a Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum and accepts children aged 18 months to six years old. Located in Setia Eco Park, the spacious two-and-a-half storey campus is housed within an 18,300 sq ft space and boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, easily accommodating 150 children from Toddler to Kindergarten levels. The compound encompasses outdoor learning centres, a music studio, Little Chef’s Lab, rooftop garden and the Atelier, where children can get creative and experiment. 

According to the Reggio Emilia philosophy, the learning environment and classroom are integral components to a child's social, academic and physical development as layouts are purpose-built to encourage creativity, communication, collaboration and exploration through play. Well-trained educators play an intrinsic role as well, facilitating activities and lessons that are relevant and developmentally appropriate, specifically designed to ensure that children are able to explore freely at their own pace. In addition, Odyssey also offers Chinese Language Immersion, which is available in all classes across all levels while Bahasa Melayu is offered as an alternative language. 

Odyssey’s curriculum encourages children to participate and be curious by offering activities that teach academic concepts in an enjoyable way. For example, while learning how to make cookies, children learn about mathematics by measuring ingredients and science by observing what heat does to cookie dough. These aren’t just scholastic lessons, but concepts that will serve throughout life. Visit the campus and discover a preschool dedicated to helping your child through holistic development and an established pedagogy. 

22 and 22A, Jalan Setia Dagang U13/AJ
Seventh Avenue, Seksyen U13
Setia Alam, Shah Alam
Tel: 03-6203 3733

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