New French Language Classes For Toddlers

It’s much easier to learn a new language at a young age due to the better brain capacity and fewer inhibitions. Sign up now for toddler classes at the Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur starting in February 2020.

Photo: Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur

It has been proven that learning a new language and becoming bilingual has many great advantages, from making a person more open minded and tolerant of diversity to enhancing creativity and improving problem-solving skills. 

More than 300 million people speak French and it is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. It’s also the second most popular language to learn after English. The Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur (AFKL) is a non-profit association committed to the promotion of the French language and culture, and offers a wide range of classes for all ages and abilities. Children’s courses are divided into three different age groups from 18 months to nine years old. These classes have been set up to be fun and interactive with the aim of cultivating a love for the language. 

Photo: Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur

Toddler classes in 2020 
These specially curated classes are for children aged 18-36 months and include songs, storytelling, games, art and craft, dance and hands-on activities. Part of this unique programme is based on repetition, as toddlers are inclined to repetition especially when they like a certain game, song or story. The programme will explore two specific themes per term for more effective learning of vocabulary. 

A classroom has been specially designed to welcome very young children. Toddlers respond and learn better when they feel safe and happy, so the environment is an important factor. A guardian (parent or helper) is required to be with the child in class to help nurture a bond between the teacher and the child. The great thing about these classes is that all children are welcome regardless if they have a French language background or not. 

Classes will last an hour with a maximum of six children per group, with sessions being held either in the morning (9.30-10.30am) or afternoon (3-4pm). Fees start at RM375 per term. 

Kids’ corner in the library 
The AFKL library comprises a wide range of reading and educational material from novels and magazines to comic books and DVDs. Children are greatly encouraged to come here to read, borrow and attend the popular monthly storytelling sessions lead by Gregory, a professional actor who makes stories come to life accompanied by music. 

Start the new year by signing for these toddler classes or even an adult class so the whole family can learn a new language together. 

For more information:
Tel: 03 2694 7880

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