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Interaction with nature is crucial to a child’s healthy overall development. The children's house recognises that and has created a nature-inspired space in their newest branch, TCH U-Thant.

Photo: The children's` house

Established in 1986, The children's house has since come a long way, with over ten branches in Kuala Lumpur and surrounds. It was the first pre-school in Malaysia to adopt and apply the complete Montessori method of learning, the core of which believes that children are born a sensorial explorer, and recognises that nature and play-based learning are crucial to a child’s healthy development. It was with this principle in mind that the newest branch TCH U-Thant in Kuala Lumpur was conceived. 

Nowadays, with technology taking over play time and a computer, phone or television screen substituting nannies, children don’t interact as much with nature. This is where The children's house U-Thant comes in.

The children's house believes that learning through nature is an every day effort, which is why the spacious 1.5-acre compound of TCH U-Thant was constructed specifically to encourage that. It offers an environment that allows children to navigate nature in a safe area, with the guidance of dedicated teachers. The preschool comprises the Montessori Cottage – a modern indoor space intentionally designed for young children – and a huge outdoor area outfitted with the latest playground equipment where children can explore and discover nature, stimulating their creative instincts and sensory developments. 

Photo: The children's house

TCH U-Thant is filled with elements that highlight Mother Nature and the opportunities children can learn from her. A proud centrepiece is The Atelier Tree, an atelier built around a massive tree within the compound. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a glass roof allow plenty of natural sunlight in, and create a beautiful space where children can work on their projects amidst nature.

Yet another nature-inspired feature at TCH U-Thant is the water play area, which will get your child excited to go to preschool each day. And the Alfresco Dining Area is where children will dine outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, under the shade of course. 

Head over and find out more about this nature-focused preschool where children can learn in an environment that encourages interaction with their surroundings and nature.  

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