School Food, But Not As You Know It

EL looks at what international schools are serving up in their cafeterias.

Gone are the days of soggy veggies and dried out grilled chicken—school lunches are now something students actually look forward to. We checked out four international schools to find out what they serve up.

Alice Smith International School

The primary campus at Alice Smith opened their brand spanking new deli at the start of the school year. A place for students to hang out at lunchtimes and for parents to hang out any time during school hours, the deli has proved popular with everyone. Students can choose between three meal options including Asian, Western and Vegetarian main lunchtime meals and also get a piece of fruit and a savory snack in the morning.

The Dishes

- Salmon Sushi with Garden Salad
- Homemade Mini Beef Burger with Baked Wedges and Salad
- Lasagne with Mozarella Cheese and Jacket Potato

Garden International School

Mont Kiara-based Garden International School houses its primary and secondary schools on the same campus. Since its relatively recent launch, the schools café, Gen B, has proved extremely popular with students, staff and parents and it’s no wonder given that one of Malaysia’s biggest names in the food industry, The BIG Group, is partner to the trendy café. Students are encouraged to sit, take time and enjoy the funky environment surrounded by art décor while feasting on delicious and healthy Western and Asian meals at breakfast, lunch and tea.

The Dishes

- Chicken Caesar Wrap
- Vegetarian Caesar Salad Wrap
- Seafood & Spinach Aglio Olio Spaghetti
- Rice with Marsala Lamb
- Smoked Salmon & Dill Potato Salad
- Eggplant, French Beans, Chicken with Kicap Manis
- Selection of Seasonal Fruits
- Gen B Mango and Pink Guava Juice

Australian International School Malaysia

Established in 2000, the Australian International School Malaysia is the only international school offering the Australian curriculum in Kuala Lumpur. Students aged between three and 18 can choose from an impressive selection of Asian, Western and vegetarian dishes. All meals are prepared and cooked inline with the school’s strict healthy and well-balanced food policy. Students get a selection of choices at morning break and lunch, and food includes heat-beating delicious frozen yoghurts.

The Dishes

- Vegetarian Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, Olives and Garlic Bread
- Dry Mutton Curry with Vegetables and Rice
- Grilled Spiced Chicken with Roast Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables

Tenby International School

Located in Setia Alam, Tenby School’s Setia Eco Park campus hosts students from both Tenby’s local and international schools. That means the canteen has a fair few pupils to serve—but then it’s operated by real experts. The owners of the canteen are the co-founders of Malaysia’s popular Dave’s Deli chain, meaning students can sample a number of the deli’s most popular dishes. Asian, Western and vegetarian options also means there’s plenty of choice at break and lunch.

The Dishes

- Cheesy Chicken Lasagne
- American Big Breakfast
- Grilled Chicken
- Mixed Rice with Sweet and Sour Fish and Butter Sauce Chicken
- Oven Roasted Quarter Chicken Chop

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