Tenby Schools Celebrates Natalie’s Success At Skate Malaysia

Natalie Chai overcomes adversity for a place on the podium at Skate Malaysia 2019.

Photo: Tenby Schools, Setia Eco Park/Facebook

Skate Malaysia 2019, an international figure skating competition and part of the Asia Championship series, was recently held on 27-28 June at the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Rink. Natalie Chai, a Form 2 student attending Sekolah Sri Tenby, at Setia Eco Park was awarded a Rhythmic Ribbon Bronze medal beating both local and regional competitors for a place on the podium. What makes this achievement even more inspiring was the fact that Natalie was actually injured three days prior to the competition! 

Natalie started ice skating in 2015 at the age of 10 and she began competing soon after. Her first Skate Asia in 2016 already saw her winning a gold medal in the Solo Programme and a silver medal in the Jump & Spin Programme. Her accolades continued with a silver for the Solo Programme at Skate Malaysia 2017 followed by a gold and a silver at the 2018 edition of the competition. She also won two gold medals at Skate Bangkok 2018 for the Solo Programme and Spotlight Character despite having a high fever the night before the tournament started. 

Her determination, commitment and talent as an athlete are truly commendable. Congratulations Natalie! 

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