SJIIM Students Obtain Outstanding IGCSE Results

SJIIM students achieved impressive results with 37% graded A8* and 69% graded A*-A.

Photo: St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia

St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia (SJIIM) students have achieved outstanding scores in the recent Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. The percentage of grades obtained were 37% graded at A*, 69% graded at A*- A, 88% graded at A*- B and 97% graded at A* - C. These results are significantly higher than the IGCSE exam average from last year. 96% of students who sat for the exams achieved a minimum of 5A* - C grades for all subject papers. 

Top scorers, Emily Ng Siew Zhang and Joey Chee, both attained an amazing 10A*, and credited their success to the learning experience in SJIIM. Emily Ng said, “My three years in SJIIM as a founding student has been a really great experience as I learnt so much academically and more importantly, developed and grew as a person, along with my classmates. The IGCSE was truly a rewarding experience for me.” She will be continuing her IB Diploma Programme in SJIIM.

Joey Chee echoed Emily’s sentiment and said, “My time in SJIIM has been a wonderful experience with supportive teachers and a very strong sense of community. I am extremely grateful to have gone through my IGCSE in the conducive environment that SJIIM creates for its students.” She will be furthering her studies in the UK.

IGCSE Coordinator, Mr Anton Bush, said, “We are very proud of the achievements of this cohort of students. They have formed a very special team that embodies the values of our school and together, they have achieved an excellent set of results. There were many superb individual results within the overall picture with 70% of students achieving at least 5 A*- A grades. These IGCSE results are the best that our school has achieved to date and I am sure that all of the students will go on to even greater success in the future."

High School Principal of SJIIM, Dr Nicola Brown, predicted these good results and was very proud of the students’ achievements. She added, “Our students have worked very hard to achieve these wonderful results and we are immensely proud of them. Our talented teaching staff dedicated their time and energy to support the students in their examination preparation. We are delighted that the students in this cohort have succeeded in their pursuit of academic excellence as well as in the development of characteristics that will benefit the wider community. They are a true and honest representation of our school tagline "Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve' and we wish them every success in the future.”

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