Raising Them With A Strong Foundation in Three Languages

Taylor's International School prepares students for the future by offering a trilingual curriculum teaching English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

TIS ensures students have a strong multilingual foundation to prepare for the competitive global stage.

Taylor's International School prepares students for the future with a strong foundation in three languages. We strongly believe language learning is important as it provides incredible benefits to our students’ personal lives and career prospects. The three languages taught are English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia, and are an integral part of our curriculum and encourages an appreciation for different cultures. With this wider understanding, students become more aware of the world and have a sense of what it is to be a global citizen. 

How do our students master three languages?

Gan Eronn, a Year 11 student from TIS Kuala Lumpur who recently scored ‘Top In Malaysia’ for the IGCSE Malay language paper, says that the unique teaching style at TIS has allowed him to have a deep interest in the language which he has developed a passion for. “My teachers always emphasise the importance of understanding and applying critical thinking to lessons rather than just getting the answers,” he added.

Across all levels and subjects, English is used as the main medium of instruction. According to Year 11 student Shuen Tan Jia Xuan from TIS Puchong, “Studying at TIS after transferring from a Chinese school has given me more opportunities to communicate in English and strengthen my written and listening skills.”

Year 11 student Ainulsabirah from TIS Puchong scored an A* in Mandarin for IGCSE, believes that learning more than one language is a great asset. “Learning a new language exposes and encourages an appreciation for the traditions and history of the people associated with that language and allows me to connect with a wide range of cultures,” she said. 

Why does TIS focus on these three languages?

Only speaking one’s native language is no longer enough if you want to pursue a career with a global company. Speaking more than one language enhances employability and career options, and many companies specifically request multilingual jobseekers. Aside from increasing job prospects, it has been proven that learning two or more languages from an early age increases executive functioning skills (adaptable thinking, time management, improved memory and organisation). An important advantage of multilingualism is the ability to accept, understand and adapt to different cultures, countries and situations. 

At TIS, students study two of the most widely spoken languages in the world - English and Mandarin. China is the world’s second-largest economy, and it is also Malaysia’s largest trading partner. Therefore, learning Mandarin gives our students enormous advantages for career and business opportunities. “With my familiarity in English and Mandarin, I am confident that I’ll have the advantage of job prospects with the opportunities that are out there in the world,” says Shuen Tan.

While it is important to focus on English and Mandarin due to global trends and demand, being fluent in the national language is equally important. As the official language in Malaysia, it is widely used in communication and a necessity for those wishing to practice law and medicine locally. “Not only will we be more efficient in our daily life by being able to communicate with everyone, but knowing the language also builds a deeper connection and love for the country,” says Eronn regarding learning Bahasa Malaysia. 

We raise our students for the world of tomorrow by preparing them to be outstanding learners for the recruitment market. At TIS, we build a strong foundation in three languages and our students have made us proud by consistently achieving excellent IGCSE examination results of 90% to 100% for languages over the past five years. 

If you are thinking of choosing an international school with an excellent language programme, call 03-9200 9898 (Kuala Lumpur campus) or 03-5879 5000 (Puchong campus) for more information and to have all your queries answered.

TIS students have been consistently achieving IGCSE examination results of 90% to 100% for languages over the past five years.

Disclaimer: All photos were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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