Nexus Global Goals Action Day 2019

The recent 5th Nexus Global Goals Action Day saw more than 800 volunteers participating in 24 activities which addressed the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Photo: Nexus International School Malaysia

Learners from Nexus International School Malaysia (NISM) contributed to the Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign by executing a beach clean-up at Tanjung Tuan beach, Negeri Sembilan. More than 80 students facilitated by six teachers gathered at the beach and carried out activities including releasing baby turtles back into the sea, a beach clean-up, waste audit and sorting, and creating a signage using recycled wood items. Volunteers also placed recycling bins at the beach to ensure future responsible waste management. Nexus Learner Chelsea Lim said, “This activity has made us realise how much waste is being produced every year.” She added that the beach clean-up activity was exciting and hoped Malaysians would limit the use of polystyrene and single-use plastics.

The beach clean-up was part of the Nexus Global Goals Project led by Nexus Curriculum Enhancement Director, Ainslie Dann. The objective of the project was to address all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through a variety of activities conducted either at or outside the school premises. More than 800 volunteers including students, teachers, school staff members, and visitors came together to promote and take action during the recent 5th Nexus Global Goals Action Day.

Another project conducted was the ‘Working with the Orang Asli’ programme where Nexus volunteers partnered with the Making Orang Asli Mother Independent (MOAMI) organisation. Volunteers travelled to Kampung Tekir, an Orang Asli village in Negeri Sembilan, and worked with the community to implement ideas for reusing waste, helped to build a playground, created art pieces and painted a mural. 

As part of this Action Day, students and teachers participated in one of 24 activities including starting an Edible Garden, Global Goals Language Workshop, and an Energy and Water Audit that happened concurrently within and outside the school. These activities were carried out with the aim of creating awareness of the SDGs and to encourage learners to contribute. The project also set a platform for students to adopt new skills and prepare for future environmental uncertainties. 

“The Nexus community’s commitment to the Global Goals has developed over the past five years and gone from strength to strength. We have been able to take a lead role in promoting sustainable development throughout schools in Malaysia through the dedication of our teachers and learners. These Global Goals are now a key component in our school's curriculum from Early Years right through to IB Diploma,” said Nexus International School Malaysia Principal David Griffiths.

Photo: Nexus International School Malaysia

Nexus Global Goals Action Day 2019 
Edible Garden

Teachers, parents and learners started an edible garden with the help of a specialised gardening organisation. The idea is for the garden to reap produce that can be supplied to the school canteen and provide students with fun outdoor lessons about gardening. 

Beach Clean-Up
More than 80 volunteers participated in the beach clean-up activity at the Tanjung Tuan Beach, Negeri Sembilan, in an initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism.

Making Orang Asli Mothers Independent (MOAMI) 
A group of learners travelled to an Orang Asli village where they worked with the community implementing ideas for reusing waste. 

Global Goals Languages Workshop
Learners researched Global Goals in their mother tongue and produced a multilingual video to advocate global sustainability. Languages included Malay, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and English. 

Nexus Community Fundraising
Fundraising ideas were brainstormed to support charity activities like sports, baking, science experiments and artwork. In the past, volunteers sold Christmas cards to raise money to support these. Students were able to improve their communication skills and learnt how to interact with people from different backgrounds.  

Sustainable Fashion - Online Swap Shop
Addressing the 12th Global Goal – Responsible Consumption and Production – the ‘Sustainable Fashion - Online Swap Shop’ saw learners creating an online shopping portal for the Nexus Community to swap clothes, purchase second-hand items and donate clothes for charity.

Sustainable Entrepreneurs
Sustainable business ideas and products were the focus for this activity where learners were guided to research feasibility, costs and marketing plans. 

Designing a Nexus ‘Zen’ Space
Learners produced a plan to create a ‘Zen’ space at school where students, teachers and staff could enjoy quiet time to reflect and relax. The room is set to be equipped with adult colouring books, calligraphy artworks, cosy bean bags, and soothing music. Devices including phones and tablets will not be allowed. 

Photo: Nexus International School Malaysia

Do Your Bit 
Addressing the 14th UNSDG – conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development – learners investigated the problem of bycatch (unwanted fish and marine life caught in commercial fishing). They then programmed a microbit incorporating light and sound properties with the aim of detracting unwanted fish. 

Energy & Water Audit
Using high electricity costs as a base, learners came up with a questionnaire to audit the use of energy and water in the school. This was shared with the school and recommendations were given to management to responsibly reduce energy and water consumption. 

Sustainable School Policy Writers
Learners discussed school policies and identified areas where sustainability policies could be included and presented to the management for approval. These involved minimising waste, recycling and the efficient use of power. 

Year 8 Plastics Campaign Planning
Nexus Year 8 students pledged that they would think of a way to address the issue of single-use plastic by May 2020. They have planned campaigns like a beach clean-up and will be raising funds to support a workshop focusing on creative ways to reuse plastic. 

Recording a Charity Single
Learners got together to produce two cover songs which will be sold, and proceeds given to charity.

Photo: Nexus International School Malaysia

Reusable Wax Wraps
Learners made reusable wax wraps using fabric and organic beeswax (edible) to replace single-use plastic wrapping. These can be used to wrap food, gifts and even toiletries when travelling.

Soap Making Workshop
Learners also learnt how to make soap from organic ingredients like goat’s milk, lavender, jasmine and lemon essential oil. 

SPCA Pet Care Programme
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor offers a Pet Care Programme that anyone can join to learn the correct way to handle and care for animals. Nexus Learners became SPCA volunteers after completing this programme. 

Upcycling and Repurposing Old Furniture
Learners discovered ways to make old, unwanted furniture useful and stylish again by repurposing and getting creative. 

Vegetarian Cooking
Reducing meat consumption and eating a more plant-based diet can help lessen climate change. With this in mind, a vegetarian cooking workshop was held. 

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