Jarlath Madine Principal of Beaconhouse Newlands International School

A career educator with over 30 years of experience teaching, advising and leading schools worldwide, Jarlath Madine now heads Beaconhouse Newlands International School. He has also worked for local government in England and opened schools for large corporations.

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What is your philosophy on education?
A school should prepare students to pass exams and prepare them for life. I take a holistic approach to education. Not only should we provide opportunities for students to develop and achieve academic excellence, but we should provide opportunities to for them to develop emotionally, creatively and physically. 

It takes a village to raise a child.

Schools should be at the heart of the community where students, staff and parents all work together for the good of every student. All three stakeholders have a huge part to play in the future success and happiness of every student.

How do you see the next year looking for the education sector? 
We have to be positive and ensure that although education has been interrupted, it has not stopped. We need to ensure we have robust digital learning systems in place not just for pandemics but for 21st century learning, with a clear Blended Learning Procedure in place.

What advantages can private and / or international schools offer students during unprecedented times like these?
Beaconhouse Newlands International School has small numbers of students in class so adhering to the SOPs was easy. In fact, our students were able to attend school because of this. Our approach to remote learning was also a success (student learning continued throughout on a full timetable) and we had overwhelming support from our parents. 

What are your plans for your school for the upcoming academic year?
To build on what we have introduced from a digital perspective and to enhance our curriculum with more personal development opportunities.

With such a wide choice of international and private schools available, how would you convince potential parents that your school is the right one for their child?
We prepare our students not just to pass exams but prepare them for life. Our holistic programme is robust and relevant. We care about our students and every student is seen as a unique individual. We are able to offer flexible learning opportunities like an accelerated route to IGCSEs, for example.

What advice do you have for students finishing secondary school this year and next considering all the drastic changes that have occurred?
Widen your experiences, learn new skills, keep physically and mentally healthy through exercise and sport;  volunteer with a charity and develop strong citizenship skills; challenge yourself, climb a mountain, camp in the jungle, learn how to dive; and read books, lots of books!

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