ISKL Alumni Lend a Helping Hand in Navigating University

Choosing a university is a challenge and worthy advice is always appreciated especially when it comes from your peers.

The ISKL High School academic program has been designed to give students flexibility in choosing the best university in the country of their choice. Students understand and fulfil their academic potential through a challenging curriculum that develops critical thinking, research techniques, problem-solving, and exposure to a variety of perspectives.

Every year ISKL students go on to attend leading universities worldwide. The ISKL Class of 2020, who are graduating in May, have already started to receive offers and early acceptances from more than 65 universities around the world, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Netherlands and France. 

 For many students, attending university overseas can be a challenge as they transition into a new way of life and learning; advice from fellow alumni, someone who has had similar experiences is always welcome.

Recollections of ISKL graduates currently studying abroad

Claire Ng, studies at the University of California San Diego, advises incoming first-year students to put themselves out there.  "Everyone is new and is probably feeling just as nervous as you are. Don't be afraid to go out and introduce yourself to new people, and if you're interested in certain things, join an organisation or club! It's an excellent way to make this new huge place seem just a little bit smaller, because ultimately what you put into college, will be what you get out of it."

Nicole Phung is studying law at University College London and commented on the versatility of living in London and the university's law program. "The location of central London is truly a blessing - everything is super accessible. In public law, we discussed the Magna Carta and my professor said, 'You can see the document in the British Library after this, it's just across the street.' And because city firms are all around you, your only concern is going to too many career events," she says. 

Hirona Morihisa attends Penn State University and says she made the right decision with her choice. "There are many clubs, sports, and events that give me a lot of opportunities to meet people. Don't be scared of jumping into a new place and choose the one you think you are going to fit in best. You will be fine - you are going to enjoy college".

Liam Casey, who chose Queens University in Canada, also talked about the application process when identifying universities to apply for. "School status doesn't matter - don't apply to a university because of its 'reputation' or because it is a 'good' university. Apply for the programme you want and the place you think you will fit in best".

Natasha Tan studies at the University of Cambridge (Pembroke College) and was happy to share her experience of learning at one of the U.K.'s most prestigious universities. "The quality of teaching here is incredible! It was super intimidating at first, but I've found that there's honestly no better way to learn. The workload here is intense, and it's not for everyone, so in terms of advice, I'd say that you have to enjoy the subject you're applying for, and you have to be willing to put in the work."

For more stories of our globe-trotting ISKL Alumni, check out their student-led Instagram page @ISKLPastAndPresent. Check out where ISKL graduates are heading from university here.

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