Encik Wan Ali Saifuddin – Principal of Beaconhouse Sri Murni

Encik Wan Ali began his career in 1987 when he started teaching at Sekolah Sri Inai Kuala Lumpur, and rose through the ranks to eventually lead the school. He has been principal at Sri Murni since 2015.

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What is your philosophy on education?

Education is a system encompassing activities related to the development and expansion of knowledge and skills. I believe education enhances the individual, community and country to ensure challenges are met. My philosophy supports the National Education Policy which strives to produce citizens of good character, well-balanced intelligence, healthy of mind and body. A country grows and improves when its citizens are educated and employed.

How does 2021 look for education in Malaysia? 

Based on 2021 school calendar, the Ministry of Education has reduced the number of holidays and increases schooling days until the end of the year. The pandemic has affected learning and we need to the close the gap. This year will be very challenging for teachers as they will have to complete two years of lessons within a year and must also encourage and instil proper study habits. 

What advantages can private schools offer students during unprecedented times like these?

There are many advantages a private school can offer – smaller class size to ensure a better, personalised learning experience and a comfortable environment. There is also the option of having extra classes after school hours to help students who need a little extra help, and private schools always put the safety and security of their students first. 

What are your plans for your school for the upcoming academic year?

The pandemic has caused the disruption of physical learning. The results are the introduction of remote learning and online classes. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of online learning for school children is not as good as face-to-face education. Parents have even requested that their child not be promoted to the next class due to the lack of classroom teaching last year. My priority is to close the gap especially for students taking major exams this year in Form 3 and 5.  Extra classes and intensive revision are being held to help exam students cope with the workload and to catch up on all the time lost last year. My teachers and I will do our best to ensure our students succeed. 

What advice do you have for students finishing secondary school this year and next considering all the drastic changes that have occurred?

I suggest students take a short break after their SPM exams, then register to continue with A levels, Foundation or pre-university courses as soon as possible using their trial exam results. They can also improve their skills by taking IT courses to ensure they are ready for higher learning. As college students, they need to be independent and adjust to their new lives fast. As we emphasise on holistic learning in school, students are trained not just academically, but socially, mentally and physically too. This prepares them for their future endeavours and encourages them to be high achievers. 

Beaconhouse Sri Murni National School  is a private school offering the national curriculum with mathematics and science taught in English in a holistic learning environment. 

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