Does Visible Learning Really Work? A Teacher Answers

A school is only as good as its teachers. Regardless of how good a curriculum is, without qualified teachers, it would amount to nothing.

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The two main advantages the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) offers parents are its Visible Learning approach to learning and dedicated teachers. Being a Visible Learning teacher can be challenging as it is a method that employs the best education practices from around the world. 

What does it take to be a Visible Learning Teacher? 
“I think the Visible Learning approach is the only way schools should operate!” says Mr Nicholas Richards, Visible Learning Impact Coach and Year 2 homeroom teacher. The most important thing to know about this learning approach is that it is a compilation of all the best practices in education. Mr Richards explains, “It is based on John Hattie’s ground-breaking meta-analysis of tens of thousands of studies involving hundreds of millions of students worldwide. The research shows us which teaching practices are the most effective when it comes to educating
children and students learning.”

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A Teacher’s Role in Visible Learning
Students take the central position and are encouraged to take charge of their own learning with teachers expertly guiding them. Teachers must understand and be mindful of their students’ progress, support them when needed and help ascertain their chosen path. 

Mr Richards clarifies, “To be a Visible Learning teacher requires a great deal of consideration. You must clearly identify the learning needs of your students, plan carefully to ensure these are met, teach well and evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching. The most important aspect of Visible Learning is a collaboration between teachers to achieve the best outcomes possible.” The learning approach places a lot of emphasis on feedback, which helps teachers understand how they can improve their students’ progress. Understanding where the students are in relation to the curriculum allows teachers to focus their attention on teaching concepts which have not been understood.

“Feedback is crucial to the learning process, between student and teacher and peer to peer. Gaining immediate feedback during a lesson enables the teacher to adjust their teaching and encourages the student to continuously evaluate their own progress,” Mr Richards emphasises.

Another important aspect of Visible Learning approach is goal setting. Students set their own learning goals and teachers guide them. The responsibility of teachers is to provide a route map to the students based on the destination they choose themselves and ensure that they stay on their path. “Other learning approaches tend to focus more on just the content coverage rather than differentiating for the needs of each student. Visible Learning works because it focuses on each student individually. WE focus on the needs of each student, help them to reach their full potential and be the very best version of themselves,” Mr Richards says.

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The outcome of a Student’s Learning
The question is does Visible Learning work and does it make a difference in how students learn
and grow?

Mr Richards answers, “Visible Learning really works! Speaking as a Year 2 homeroom teacher I can say I have seen significant amounts of progress in my students over time, both in academics and in independence. Students who join us from other schools typically see education as a one-way street, directed at the student by the teacher. Visible Learning enables students to become their own teachers, take responsibility for their own learning and seek feedback from others to help them improve further.”

AISM and its approach to Visible Learning
AISM is the first certified Visible Learning school in the world and the school strives to employ the best practices of Visible Learning in every way possible. This is most evident within the classrooms where feedback and goal setting are an essential part of learning.

To learn more about AISM and how the teachers incorporate this highly effective learning approach, schedule a virtual chat and campus tour with AISM’s Admissions team. Register your interest here.

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