'Be All You Are' at ISKL

Developing individual skills, talents, passions and competencies.

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For 55 years, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) has been nurturing students from around the world to develop their individual skills and talents, passions and competencies. This is an essential component of ISKL’s values-based education which is designed around ensuring students are future-ready, socially responsible global citizens who not only understand that they can make a difference in the world but also how to make that difference. 

Driven by its mission to support students in being self-directed and successful in managing the complexities of a rapidly evolving world, ISKL focuses on ‘best-fit’ and nurturing the individual as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ education. This educational approach is embodied by the school’s call to action to Be All You Are which extends to faculty, staff and parents as well as the students. Ask any of ISKL’s dynamic and tight-knit community what Be All You Are means to them and they are each likely to give you a different answer. 

To recent graduate Alex, Class of 2020 it means “Your ideas are not limited. The relationships and partnerships between students and teachers, and within the community and clubs - allow us all to be who we are.  It is a motivation which can be taken into our future lives, where our ideas can become a reality." 

Whilst to Matthew Durham, Middle School science teacher and co-organizer of the inaugural Malaysian National Robotics Championship which was held at ISKL in late 2019, Be All You Are means, “To live each day to the fullest and to be as good as I can be that day, and to try and be better the next”. 

Whereas viola playing Aidan, Class of 2025 interprets the call to action as not to "Be afraid to show your true colours because everyone is unique in their way - and with those colours, you can follow your dreams.” The diversity of these answers reflects ISKL’s commitment to providing a diverse range of opportunities designed to enable everyone to fulfil their potential, explore their individual passions in a culture characterised by care and empathy.

From those starting in Prep Reception to the graduating Seniors heading off to leading universities around the world, ISKL’s academic and co-curricular programs are intentionally designed to help students explore and discover their passions and interests. 

Whether academic, sporting, performance, arts, service, sustainability - the opportunities are plentiful, and according to Head of School, Rami Madani this “empowers students to experiment, take risks and see what works best for them in a safe and nurturing environment. They learn through their successes and failures, they learn what brings them joy and happiness, what interests them, and what they are passionate about. Every day I am inspired by the passions, dreams and achievements of our students. It is truly a great honour to watch them grow, discover their skills, passions, and interests, and shape their character to become healthy, and successful contributors to our world.”

Rami continues, “I deeply believe in the positive impact of education on people and the planet. Educated youth make wise choices and work hard to improve conditions for everyone. Through education, we have the power to shape a better future for everyone, and what makes ISKL stand out among peer schools around the world is our ability to provide a holistic inclusive education that meets the needs of all learners and create the optimal environment for learning to occur. At ISKL this applies to everyone; not just to our students, but to faculty, staff, and parents. It is about building a learning community and an educational framework to help students develop and learn as they transition through school and go on to transform conditions for self, others and our world.”  

This philosophy is echoed by ISKL’s outgoing Parent Teacher Association Co-President and parent, Lisa Phinney who says “ISKL does a phenomenal job of encouraging each member of the community to explore, engage, and develop every aspect of their personality, life, and interests. There are myriad opportunities to do so on campus and within the community. There is no cookie-cutter route to success or accomplishment; each person finds a way to be their ‘best self’ at ISKL, whether you are an employee, parent, or student.”

To find out more about ISKL contact admissions@iskl.edu.my or + 603 4813 5004.

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