ACE EdVenture Biosphere Academy

A learning institute combining innovative education, entrepreneurship and creating a sustainable environment.

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What are parents looking for when choosing a school? Gone are the days when all that mattered was based on results and subjects taught. Schools today must offer more as parents and students become more discerning in their choices.

The ACE EdVenture Biosphere Academy is located within the Design Centre of the Dwi Emas International School and offers a unique scholastic programme combining NatureTech Focused Learning, Skills Enhancement subjects, sports, the arts and entrepreneurship. By recognising that today’s learners need to attain specific skill sets and knowledge to be well prepared for the future, the Academy has formulated an effective curriculum to ensure this.

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is augmented by Skills Enhancement subjects and NatureTech Focused Learning where topics on sustainability and solutions for improving the environment are emphasised. Another unique aspect of the Academy is its philosophy of the ACE (Adapt, Create, Experiences) cycle. By adapting to current and future trends, creating educational ecosystems and curating stimulating learning experiences, students acquire skills and knowledge lasting a lifetime.

Why study at ACE EdVenture Biosphere Academy?

Environment, education, entrepreneurship: By preparing young learners in these subjects, they will be ready to integrate in future industries which will undoubtedly be a combination of all three of these.

United towards global sustainability: Students will work on projects geared towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

An environment respecting the environment: Learning spaces have been designed using nature technology and to encourage tactile learning experiences.

Nature-tech focused learning: An effective way of learning is to be exposed to real problems and working towards to viable solutions and answers, especially when it comes to the future of our planet.

For parents looking for a fresh learning pathway that concentrates on sustainability, nature and the environment while ensuring students develop intellectually, socially and emotionally; this is the ideal option.

For more information on the curriculum and how to sign up for the September intake, visit

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