A bilingual primary education at Hevea

The French School of Kuala Lumpur's new primary campus offers great facilities and a dynamic bilingual curriculum taught by highly experienced teachers.

Photo: LFKL

The French School of Kuala Lumpur’s  (LFKL) new primary campus – Hevea – opened in July last year and was specifically designed for younger children. Its purpose-built facilities include a swimming pool, playground, multi-purpose hall, library with English and French books, canteen, organic vegetable gardens and napping rooms for the younger pupils. 

Photo: LFKL

Hevea welcomes non-French speaking students aged three to eight and combines an early English and French bridging programme designed to integrate international students. Once students at Hevea have learned French, they can seamlessly continue to middle and high school at LFKL. 

During their last year of preschool, non-French speaking children are offered extra French classes and when they begin primary school, they join the French bridging programme where the language is taught through fun educational activities. 

Photo: LFKL

Primary school children also have five to eight hours of English language learning weekly, and this ensures fluency in both French and English. In secondary school, students have the 
opportunity to learn up to four additional languages – German, Spanish, Chinese and Malay – leading to being multi-lingual and widening their scope for future career opportunities. 

To find out more about Hevea from the unique curriculum, facilities and teaching methods, register for the Preschool Virtual Open Day, which will be held on Thursday 10th June at 6pm. 

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