Fun Language Apps for Kids

Learning a new language is fun and extremely useful - these apps make it possible for children to learn at home and on the go.

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Montessori Letter Sounds

This award-winning app was created to encourage children from the age of three to start and improve their reading skills. The app’s games and lessons are broken down according to age – sound games from the age of three and progressing on to memorising letter sounds at the age of four and finally writing words using the moveable alphabet. The foreign language option is where young users can begin learning the basics of French, Spanish, Italian and German in a fun and simple way. Do not expect fancy graphics – this is a true Montessori learning tool so uncomplicated effectiveness is key.

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Suitable for: Three to five-year-olds

Available on iOS at RM16.90



As one of the most popular language learning apps available, Duolingo is an excellent choice for older children, teens and adults. It is free with the option of signing up for Duolingo Plus which is the version without ads and the option to download lessons for offline use. But the free version is good enough for beginners. With over 35 languages to choose from including Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese and Portuguese; this app is great for children who want to test the waters of learning more than one language. Designed by language experts, the bite-sized lessons cover grammar, speaking, listening, writing and vocabulary.

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Suitable for: Eight years and above

Available on iOS, Android and Chromebook



Another popular language app, Droplets (pivoting off the award-winning Drops app) also uses the bite-sized lessons methodology to teach over 30 languages. By using simple repetitive word games and swipe-based interaction, users are able to pick up the language, learn basic grammar and sentence structure. Repetition and reinforcement are key in this app and you can also upgrade and buy a subscription, which allows access to the entire suite of Drops educational apps.

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Suitable for: Eight years and above

Available on iOS and Android


Gus on the Go

This app is ideal for younger learners and offers 30 languages from the common ones like Chinese and Spanish to more unusual (for us here in Malaysia!) ones like Greek and Hungarian. Each language comprises 10 interactive lessons featuring Gus, a very cute owl, who leads the learning through games, nice graphics and a journey through the country. For example, when learning French, you will travel to the major cities in France learning about food, transportation, clothes and numbers.

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Suitable for: Two to five-year-olds

Available on iOS and Android at USD3.99 per language



This extremely popular and successful language learning app started ten years ago with the aim of learning a new language fun and as real as possible. The methodology here is based on how native speakers converse, the different accents and colloquial speak. Languages offered include Spanish (Spain and Mexico), Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Swedish and even Icelandic. Memrise is suitable for older children and in particular teens, who will enjoy the video clips, quizzes and listening to cool native speakers converse.

Photo: Memrise

Suitable for: 12 and above

Available iOS and Android with monthly subscriptions to lifetime plans

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